Dropped Sticks

Ms. Stewart accidentally dropped the calendar sticks and they fell out of their bundles. There were more ones than tens. There were less than six ones.

Wait I remember, there was only one more one than there were bundles.

Wait, I remember there were four tens.



A Perfect Worm

We asked our students to create a perfect worm. A perfect worm is 1 3/4 yards long.

Students were allowed to use any of the pre cut pieces. They had to estimate first ( they only got one 12 inch ruler) and then prove their snake was perfect.

The pieces were as follows:
Orange-10.25 in
Green-7.5 in
Blue-4.0 in
Purple-3.75 in
Brown-2.5 in
Black-1.25 in

Box of Candy

A woman came to the store requesting a box of candies that could be shared equally among all the people coming to visit. She wasn’t sure whether there would be three, four, five, or six people sharing the boxes. What size box should she buy that would work for any of these numbers?

Taken from: Lessons for Introducing multiplication by Marilyn Burns

Debbie’s Beads

Debbie's Beads

Debbie has a collection of beads on pipe cleaners. The product of the beads on each pipe cleaner is equal. What is the value of each individual bead?

The bead colors in this picture are:

Green/Green,  Orange/Orange/Black/Black, Blue/Black, Pink/Black/Black

Other Sets To Try:

White/White, Green/Yellow/White, Purple/Green, Green/Green/Green/Green

Purple/Purple/Green, Purple/Yellow, Green/Blue, Orange/Red

Adaptation for younger grades – use sum rather than product.